CSE-IT Contact Info
Keller Hall - Room 1-201
Office Hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Or use the red phone in the labs.

CSE Labs UNIX Machine Listings

The following labs contain Linux machines that are accessible via SSH. For more information on SSH, see our help page: Secure Shell Connection Tools.

You can also open a remote desktop session using FastX. For more information, please visit FastX CSE Labs Help page.

Keller 1-200

Machine names: csel-kh1200-[01|02|...|19].cselabs.umn.edu

Note: The machines in Keller 1-200 switch between Linux and Windows according to the schedule below. You will not be able to access the machines via ssh when they are running Windows. 

Keller 1-200 Operating System Schedule

Keller 1-250

Machine names: csel-kh1250-[01|02|...|37].cselabs.umn.edu

Keller 4-240

Machine names: csel-kh4240-[01|02|...|10].cselabs.umn.edu

Keller 4-250

Machine names: csel-kh4250-[01|02|...|49].cselabs.umn.edu

Lind 40

Machine names:: csel-lind40-[01|02|...|43].cselabs.umn.edu

Machine Room - Keller 1-214

Machine names:

  • apollo.cselabs.umn.edu
  • atlas.cselabs.umn.edu