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CSE Labs UNIX Machine Listings

The following labs contain Linux machines that are accessible via SSH. For more information on SSH, see our help page: Secure Shell Connection Tools.

You can also open a remote desktop session using FastX. For more information, please visit FastX CSE Labs Help page.

Keller 1-200

Machine names: csel-kh1200-[01|02|...|19]

Note: The machines in Keller 1-200 switch between Linux and Windows according to the schedule below. You will not be able to access the machines via ssh when they are running Windows. 

Keller 1-200 Operating System Schedule

Keller 1-250

Machine names: csel-kh1250-[01|02|...|37]

Keller 4-240

Machine names: csel-kh4240-[01|02|...|10]

Keller 4-250

Machine names: csel-kh4250-[01|02|...|49]

Lind 40

Machine names:: csel-lind40-[01|02|...|43]

Machine Room - Keller 1-214

Machine names: