Sometime after the maintenance window, users began reporting login issues and issues opening browsers on CS Unix machines. The login issue usually manifests as windows not appearing and only a cursor or windows appearing without a cursor. We currently believe the issues with opening browsers and the login issues are connected. We are currently working on troubleshooting this issue and will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience. 

Update - 12:38 PM: We have applied a fix to the CS home directory servers and sessions should recover automatically. We believe this should fix login issues and browser access issues. If you are still seeing any issues, please let us know by emailing

Update - 1/23/19 9:00 AM: File servers updated on Sunday to remediate a critical security flaw introduced a problem with file locking which manifested in unusual login behavior. The problem was solved by adopting a newer version of the file sharing protocol. Update procedures will be modified to include explicit testing for file locking to ensure that this type of problem is found and addressed earlier.

Service affected: 
CS Unix Login Issues
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