At around 8:20 this morning Keller Hall suffered a power outage. The power came back at around 9:20 but multiple systems are still affected. You may experience networking issues and/or login issues. We are working on getting all services back up and running ASAP. Thank you for your patience.

Update: 1:00 PM: The power outage has affected multiple file servers of ours. Users using Unix home directories will not be able to login. Users who have mapped their Unix directories to samba drives will also not be able to access those. Our print servers were also affected and users will likely not be able to print or add printers that are hosted on our servers. The DTC website and UMSEC websites are also experiencing issues. Other websites hosted by us and/or on CS machines will likely also experience issues. The current time estimate for this issue to be resolved is at least two hours from now.

Update: 3:00 PM: CSE printing functionality has been restored. CS printing is still down. The DTC website is back up but the UMSEC website is still down. Users logging in to CSE labs machine or mounting CSE samba shares should not have any issues. CS home directories and CS samba shares are still experiencing issues.

Update: 1/8/19 10:30 AM: CS home directories should be mounting normally. Samba shares for CS are still experiencing issues. The UMSEC website is back up. CS printing is still down. 

Update: 1/9/19 2:15 PM: CS printing is still down. 

Update: 1/10/19 12:00 PM: CS Printing is still down. 

Update: 1/11/19 8:35 AM: CS printing is back online. 

Service affected: 
Power Outage