At approximately 9:50 AM we began receiving reports of users unable to print to printers hosted on Users are also unable to access their Samba drives. We also have reports of some users having issues logging in to Unix home directories. It is not clear if these issues are related or not at this time. We are working on resolving this issue. Thank you for patience. 

Update 10:30 AM: We have restarted one of our file servers which seems to have fixed issues users are seeing with Vole and home directories mounting. In addition, winprint and Samba shares seem to be back online as well. We will keep you updated.

Update 10:40 AM: It looks like a different file server of ours is experiencing issues. Users may still be experiencing login issues.

Update 11:25 AM: At 9:45AM today, CSE-IT began receiving reports of issues regarding a variety of service outages. Symptoms included being denied access to home directories, printing issues, and other server-related outages. We discovered one of our servers hosting virtual machines had lost network connectivity, which affected all the services hosted on that physical server. We resolved the problem by 11:15 AM today by migrating the services to a different physical server.

Service affected: 
Printing, Home directories, Samba shares
Departments affected: