VOLE is currently experiencing issues, displaying a message that reads: "Xrdp failed to start: Exit code 1"

Our systems administrators are currently working towards a solution. VOLE 3D is currently still functioning.

UPDATE 21 November at 12:15PM: Our system administrators have provided the following analysis of the issue: 

Incident Description: Users attempting to log in to vole machines receive the error "Xrdp failed to start: Exit code 1"

Scope: Currently affects many of the vole machines. (The root cause could potentially affect other machines, but there are no current reports of that happening.)

Causes: Certain instances of firefox are using large amounts of space in the /tmp partition, causing issues for other processes that attempt to use that partition. This includes fastx. We are investigating why firefox is using this space and how to prevent this issue from re-occuring.

Current status: We are terminating firefox processes displaying the issue, which should at least temporarily restoring usage. There is not yet an ETA for a permanent fix.

UPDATE 21 November at 4:00PM: Our system administrators have identified the cause of the issue, and the service has been restored.

Service affected: 
VOLE is currently down
Departments affected: