CSE-IT is declaring both an Emergency Change and a Major Incident courtesy of the Microsoft RDP bug described in this article.

University Information Security has directed that all Windows servers and desktops be patched immediately to prevent a large-scale malware outbreak at the Univerisity of Minnesota. Accordingly, CSE-IT system administrators are working to install corrective patches on all of the Windows servers we manage. This list includes:

  • CSE-IT Windows-based printing services
  • School of Physics and Astronomy that CSE-IT administers, including home directory services, web servers, license servers, and print servers

We expect a minimal downtime (< 30 minutes) for any servers we patch. In the event that the server(s) do not reboot normally, we will update this announcement to reflect the status of those services.

CSE-IT does not manage the security patching of managed Windows desktops in the College — the University's Office of Information Technology is responsible for patching UMN managed Windows clients. Windows clients and servers that are not managed centrally are the responsibility of their local system administrators, and they should also be patched ASAP.

Resolution Notes (5/15/19 at 14:19): CSE-IT completed the emergency change this morning and observed no issues with the impacted services. If you have any issues with the affected services, please email us at csehelp@umn.edu. 

Service affected: 
Windows-based servers and services will be down tonight for emergency patching
Departments affected: