Account Access

College of Science & Engineering Labs (CSE Labs)

To obtain a CSE Labs acount, please fill out the CSE Labs Account Creation Form.

Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering accounts are available for Graduate Students and Faculty. For information on instructional resources, visit the Computer Science & Engineering Instructional Computing Equipment and Labs page. To obtain a Computer Science & Engineering account, complete the Account Request Form and return it to the Computer Science & Engineering Main Office, Keller Hall 4-192. Accounts may take up to a week to be created, although they are usually created in less time. Once the account has been set up, your username and password will be available in the Computer Science & Engineering Main Office. Be sure to bring a picture ID with you when you pick up your account information.

Important note about Unification and Alignment

Computer Science and Engineering is migrating from local identity management systems to the university’s central identity management system. For more information, see the Computer Science and Engineering Unification and Alignment FAQ.

Computer Science & Engineering Sponsored Account

For a visiting scholar to obtain a university account, a faculty needs to fill out the CS&E Sponsored Account Request form.