Account Access

College of Science & Engineering Labs (CSE Labs)

To obtain a CSE Labs acount, please fill out the CSE Labs Account Creation Form.

Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering accounts are available for Graduate Students and Faculty. For information on instructional resources, visit the Computer Science & Engineering Instructional Computing Equipment and Labs page. To obtain a Computer Science & Engineering account, complete the Account Request Form and return it to the Computer Science & Engineering Main Office, Keller Hall 4-192. Accounts may take up to a week to be created, although they are usually created in less time. Once the account has been set up, your username and password will be available in the Computer Science & Engineering Main Office. Be sure to bring a picture ID with you when you pick up your account information.

Computer Science & Engineering Sponsored Account

For a visiting scholar to obtain a university account, a faculty needs to fill out the CS&E Sponsored Account Request form.