Account Information

The College of Science and Engineering provides and maintains instructional computing labs for its faculty, staff, and students.


CSE Labs accounts are available to:

  • All students who are currently enrolled in the College of Science and Engineering
  • Faculty in the College (email operator at - we will open one for you.)
  • Students taking courses within the college that require CSE Labs access

Account Creation

You can open a CSE Labs Account using one of the following two methods:

  • Online: You can open an account online by completing the CSE Labs Account Creation Form.
  • Labs: You can also open an CSE Labs account by visiting one of the CSE Labs. Enter “csel-register” for the username, and “R3gister!” for the password, to log into one of the workstations. Once you have logged in, complete the Account Creation Form that is presented.

Acceptable Use Policies

All CSE Labs users are responsible for knowing and following the following policies:

When Will Accounts Be Closed?

Accounts will be closed if the user's University Internet Account has been closed, or the CSE Labs account has been inactive for over a year. The data for a closed account will be archived for one year after the account closure.