Add/Remove software on a Linux machine

We use a module system to manage software in UNIX.

Use the table below to find the action and corresponding command you need, then from a command prompt on a UNIX or Linux lab machine, type and execute the command.

Action Command
Show available modules module avail
Add modules module add <module_name>
Remove a module once module rm <module_name>
Load the module every time you log on    * module initadd <module_name>
Remove and prevent a module from loading on log on   * module initrm <module_name>
Reset your envoronment to the current defaults   * resetenv

* Note: for these items you will need to logout and back in to see the changes.

If a module has multiple versions available, you can leave the version off and you will use the default, which may change to a newer version over time. For example, to load the default version of Firefox when you log in, type: % module initadd mozilla/firefox.