Apache Error Logs


Error logs for user home pages in the cs domain are in directory:


Error logs for user home pages in the cselabs domain are in directory:


Finding the current error log

To find the current error log file for the cs domain, do:

$ ls -ltr /web/logs/luverne_error_log/

For the cselabs domain, do:

$ ls -ltr /web/logs-www-users.cselabs/

These commands will will list the most recently modified files (i.e. the files with the newest errors) last.

Log Usage

When you have located the current error log file, execute the tail comand with the -f option on the file.

The error logs contain the output created when a script generates an error. The -f flag used with the tail comand will cause the end of the file to remain open so new error messages will be appended to the terminal output as they are generated. This can help you debug your script.

Example usage for the cs domain:

$ tail -f /web/logs/luverne_error_log/error.log.2015.09.10

For the cselabs domain:

$ tail -f /web/logs-www-users.cselabs/error.log