Find a Printer

This page includes all of the printer names in the CSE Labs. Please go off of the printer names listed below and not the ones listed in the printing options of your profile.

If you have any other printing problems, questions, or comments; please send an email to

CSE Labs

Lab Queue Names Description Printer Names
Keller 1-250 csel-kh1250 Black and White csel-kh1250.cselabs
Keller 1-250 csel-kh1250-color Color csel-kh1250-color.cselabs
Keller 1-200 csel-kh1200 Black and White csel-kh1200.cselabs
Keller 4-250 csel-kh4250a Black and White csel-kh4250a.cselabs
Keller 4-250 csel-kh4250-color Color csel-kh4250-color.cselabs
ME 308 csel-me308a Black and White csel-me308a.cselabs
ME 308 csel-me308-color Color csel-me308-color.cselabs
CE 230 csel-ce230 Black and White csel-ce230.cselabs
Lind 40 csel-lind40 Black and White csel-lind40.cselabs
Lind 150 csel-lind150b Black and White csel-lind150b.cselabs
Lind 150 csel-lind150-color Color csel-lind150-color.cselabs
Walter 103 csel-w103 Black and White csel-w103.cselabs

Windows Users

Please print to a printer queue for the best results.

UNIX Users

Please print directly to any of the printer names, e.g. lpr -Pkh4250a.cselabs file.txt


Department printers are linked to their queue on the print server's web interface. Personal and workgroup printers are not listed, but show up on the print server web interface. To view a queue, your web browser needs to be in the School of Mathematics network or proxy web traffic through SSH.

Floor Printers

math-vinp005 - VinH 5

math-vinp011-cl color

1st floor


2nd floor

math-vinp270d - VinH 270D

3rd floor

math-vinp314 - VinH 314

math-vinp363 - outside 363

4th floor

math-vinp426 - outside 426

math-vinp454 - outside 454

5th floor math-vinp502

You can also verify available printers with the command lpstat -a.