Fix a Printer Problem

I submitted my print job, but nothing happened.

I don’t see the file in the print queue and the printer did not print it out.

The first thing to do is check to see if you have exhausted your print quota. If you have not exhausted your quota, contact for further help. If your printer quota is used up, you can pay for printing in Walter 103. Follow the directions for Printing in Walter 103.          

What do I do if the printer is out of paper?

Call down to the Service Desk using the red phone and let them know which printer in what lab is out of paper. Someone should be up shortly to refill it.

What do I do if the printer says “Low Toner,” or print quality appears degraded?

Contact the Service Desk using the red phone to request new toner. Be sure to include the printer name and location. During Service Desk hours, new toner should arrive shortly. Do not attempt to remove the toner yourself.

What do I do if there is a printer jam or other malfunction?

Do not attempt to fix the printer yourself. Call or email the so that a systems staff member can come fix it. Attempting to service it yourself is strictly against departmental policy and can void our warranties; we have had serious damage to printers in the recent past due to this.

If you encounter problems with the printers in the CSE Labs, send e-mail to for assistance.

What is the name of the printer in the lab I am in?

If you are having problems finding the printer name in your lab, check out the Printer Names page.