Learn More About Computer Science & Engineering Print Quotas

Graduate Student Print Quotas

Graduate students are allowed to print 2000 pages per semester. One page is considered to be one side of one page. Duplex printing counts as 2 pages even though only one sheet is used. You will be charged 5 cents per page once you exceed your quota.

You can check your print quota using PaperCut. You will need to login with your CS username and Windows password. Please note that you must be on the CS network in order to access this site.

Keep in mind:

  • Check the format of the document before you print using lpr. Only text documents and .ps documents will print correctly. Pictures, pdfs, .doc and other application document files will print in code and waste pages of your quota.
  • Make sure you know which printer you are printing to. In windows this is fairly straight forward. On your UNIX account, make sure you have a default printer assigned, and remember that the default printer is set to be the printer in the grad lab. If you print and nothing comes out, go check the grad lab before printing again, especially if the file is large. If you print a 100 page document 4 times to the wrong printer, it will be deducted from your print quota.
  • Print out large documents with multiple pages on each sheet. Windows usually includes this option in the printer dialog box. On UNIX, use the "mpage" command instead of lpr. Also take advantage of Powerpoint's built-in capability to print between 2 and 12 slides on each page when printing presentations and class notes.

For TAs and RAs

During the semester you should keep a record of all TA and RA related printing. If you go over your 2000 page quota, you will receive an email stating the amount you owe for your excess printouts. At this point, you should contact the faculty member you work for and inform them of the number of pages charged to your quota that were a direct result of your research or teaching responsibilities. Research printing will need to paid for with a cufs number, and the department will pay for TA related printing. Your research advisor, or instructor, should send email to Jim MacDonald jmac@umn.edu with the number of pages that should be removed from your quota and charged to the department or to a research cufs account.

See UNIX Printing and Windows Printing for more information.