Learn More About CSE Labs Print Quotas

Free printing vs. paid printing

Each semester, each student in CSE Labs is given a $60 quota of free printing. This allows users to print, without charge, 750 black and white pages, or 375 color pages, or a combination of both (where one color page is equivalent to two black and white pages). In other words, each black and white page printed reduces your $60 quota by $0.08, each color page printed reduces your $60 quota by $0.16.

Print quotas do not carry over, but are reset after each semester.

If you run out of print quota, you can still print at Walter 103 using your U-card. Follow the instructions for Printing in Walter 103.

Checking your CSE Labs print quota

You can check your print quota using PaperCut. You will need to login with "ad\" as a prefix to your username (i.e. ad\"username"), and your Windows password. Please note that you must be on a CSE Labs machine in order to access this page.