Print to the Computer Science & Engineering Color Printer

The color printer in the Computer Science & Engineering Office (4-192 Keller Hall) is a Xerox Phaser 6-280 named officecolor.

Print from Windows

Add the printer \\winprint\copier. You can specify any print options you want as normal.

Print from UNIX

  • Regular paper output: lpr -P officecolor [filename]
  • Duplex paper output: lpr -P officecolor -Zduplex [filename]
  • Transparency output: lpr -P officecolor -Ztransparency [filename]

Right now, the printer will accept PS and text files from UNIX. If you need to print a PDF or picture of some kind, you will need to use a utility (acroread, XV, etc) to convert then print it.

If you have any problems with this printer, please email