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Quota, Disk Usage, and Hidden Files

CSE-IT Supported Departments

These are the current quotas in the College of Science and Engineering except as noted below.

Windows Profiles have a quota of 500 MB

Windows SaveDocs or Redirected Folders (e.g. My Documents, My Desktop, etc.) have a quota of 10 GB

CSE-IT UNIX Home Directories have a quota of 1.5 GB

Computer Science and Engineering

For Computer Science Linux/Solaris systems execute from the shell prompt: quota -v. It will return output similar to this:

Disk quotas for user <username> (uid <uid>):
Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace
<file server>:/export/home/gradxx 63668 204800 253600 2633 0 0

For users on the CSE Unified Homes file servers(Math, DTC, CSELabs, etc) execute from the shell prompt: csequota -s. it will return output similar to thisl:

Quota report for <USERNAME> (UID: NNNNNNN)
On home directory server cse-fs-XX: 410M / 1G

Usage Quotas

Setting a quota limit helps prevent file corruption and speeds up the login process. 

User Status

Unix Home Directory Quotas

Windows Profile Quotas


40 GB

500 MB


100 MB

500 MB

Visiting Faculty

500 MB

500 MB

Adjunct Faculty

500 MB

500 MB

Post Docs

2 GB

500 MB

Research Associates

2 GB

500 MB

Graduate Student

1 GB*

500 MB


500 MB

500 MB


10 MB

500 MB

Math Graduate Student

5 GB

Math Faculty

10 GB

*There is no longer a boost in your quota when you pass the WPE or Orals. Talk to your advisor if you need additional space.