HP 8500 Digital Sender Instructions

Gently set the stack in the document feeder.  Load the pages face up with the top of the pages pointing into the feeder.  

Image of the printer

For best results, do not drop the stack into the feeder and do not tap the top edge of the stack after you have placed it in the document feeder.  The scanner can be accessed using the Console or the slide-out keyboard underneath the Console.

Login Screen

  Touch the Sign In button on the console 

Select from dropdown. Sign in with username and password.

Use your CSE Labs account credentials to sign in.   Touch OK. 

Main menu screen.

Touch the Email button on the console.

Send e-mail screen.

Fill in the To: and Subject: fields (at minimum).  Note the More Options button at the bottom.  By default, the scans will be 1-sided.  If you want 2-sided scans, touch the More Options button.

Document settings screen.

In the Original Sides settings, you can change this to 2-sided.  Touch Send Email.