In-Lab Software

The College of Science and Engineering offers the following software in any CSE Labs computer lab and remote usage is available in most cases.

For questions on how to use UNIX Modules, please refer to the Accessing UNIX Software page.

Personal Use Software

Personal academic use of some software is available for free or at a discounted rate for students with an active CSE Labs account. For a full listing of this software, please see the Downloadable Software page.

Downloadable Software

Microsoft software is available through Imagine, to people with active CS or CSE Labs accounts. Several VMware products are also available at no cost. Please visit the VMware Download page.

What do I do if my code won't compile?

If you suspect that the problem is due to missing libraries or a bug in the compiler, please send the relevant error messages to Otherwise, please consult the documentation or members of your group. Systems Staff is not able to assist you in code writing or debugging.


Please know that storing private or legally protected data in a Dropbox folder is strictly prohibited. Dropbox is a very useful tool, but you are responsible for ensuring that only public data is placed in Dropbox.  Google Drive is the University approved and supported cloud storage. 

Dropbox is not under any contractual obligation to protect the data shared through their service. If you use Dropbox, you must assume that data you put in Dropbox will be public to the world, similar to posting to a public website. Storing private or legally protected data in a Dropbox folder is strictly prohibited, so data such as student grades, student ids, social security numbers, private health information (PHI), FERPA, etc, cannot be stored in Dropbox. More examples of private data can be found at the University's Privacy and Security Office webpage.