Windows account configuration

A number or folders are automatically mounted at log on. These have separate quotas and preferred uses. See the account quotas KB article for quota information for each.

Your Unix home directory is mounted as windows Y:. The Y: drive is accessible through "My Computer" and is best used to store data that needs to be accessed from Windows or Linux clients.

You also have a Windows Roaming profile. Your Windows profile includes various application and personal settings. Files in this location are normally auto generated. Because the folder is copied between the server and the local client at logon and logoff, data stored here will impact logon times.

Lastly, a number of folders that were formerly part of the user profile have been “redirected” The redirected folders include Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Links, My Documents, Saved Games, Searches, and Start Menu. These folders are stored on \\\cse\umsavedocs.

There are additional software packages that that can be installed using Windows' "Software Center" from the start menu. This software is packaged to be user installable without any special permissions.