CS Faculty Portal

The CS Faculty Portal will be inaccessible for up to two hours beginning at 1PM today for a change to the authentication system. The CS Faculty Portal will move from using old CS Unix accounts to using central University authentication (internet ID). The system will be online again no later than 3 PM. Please email csehelp@umn.edu for questions

UPDATE: This change is complete. Users should now login to the CS faculty portal using their internet ID and password.

Tate Hall Networking

At 9AM today, CSE-IT began receiving reports of issues regarding Linux computers in Tate Hall having network connectivity problems. Our analysis indicates a DHCP server issue, so computers are not receiving IP addresses and are not able to connect to their wired network. The problem is ongoing and we have no current estimated time for a resolution. We will update this notice at 12PM today.

UPDATE 12:00PM: CSE-IT is working together with NTS to resolve this issue. We will keep you updated.

CS Mail

mail.cs was affected by a compromised email account. CS mail is currently down and mail delivery will be impacted for several days. We will post updates here when we have them. If you have any questions or concerns please email csehelp@umn.edu. 

Update 1:50 PM: CS mail has been brought back online and is processing a large backlog of emails. Users will likely still have significant mail delivery delays. 


We are currently experiencing issues with one of our Vole nodes. We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. You will likely see the error (Xrdp failed to start: Exit Code 1)

Update 2:00PM: We have found the root cause of this error to be a full /tmp directory on one of the nodes. This has been cleared up and users should not have any other issues. Let us know if you are still experiencing difficulties by contacting csehelp@umn.edu.

CS Samba Shares

CS Samba shares are currently affected by an ongoing issue with nfs mounts. The issue seems intermittent so you may be able to mount your Samba share and then no longer be able to access it. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. 

CS Unix Login Issues

Sometime after the maintenance window, users began reporting login issues and issues opening browsers on CS Unix machines. The login issue usually manifests as windows not appearing and only a cursor or windows appearing without a cursor. We currently believe the issues with opening browsers and the login issues are connected. We are currently working on troubleshooting this issue and will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience. 

Vole 3D

Vole 3D was down completely beginning after the maintenance window on Sunday. We recognized this problem this morning and have rebooted the Vole nodes. As the nodes come back up you should be able to connect to Vole 3D however, our SSL certificate has expired for vole 3D. This means you will still be able to connect to Vole 3D but your browser will warn you that the certificate has expired and you must confirm that you want to continue connecting. 

Power Outage

At around 8:20 this morning Keller Hall suffered a power outage. The power came back at around 9:20 but multiple systems are still affected. You may experience networking issues and/or login issues. We are working on getting all services back up and running ASAP. Thank you for your patience.

Apps To Go

Apps To Go is not saving files to google drive currently. It looks as if it is saving the files but it is not actually saving the files. We are looking into a workaround and a permanent solution as well. Thank you for your patience. 


The VOLE3D issue was a result of high usage. Additional hardware resources will be added to prevent future problems.