Some CS grad student home directories may be unavailable

CSE-IT Major Incident Resolved [April 24, 2018 – 9:40AM]: At 9:30AM, CSE-IT began receiving reports of issues regarding one of our file servers. Symptoms include: successful login, but no documents or avaialble quota. Our analysis indicated a virtual machine issue, which we believe is resolved as of 9:40AM.

If you are still having the symptoms described above, please contact CSE-IT immediately at 5-0876 or

Planned Keller Data Center Outage

Most OIT and CSE-IT systems were down for maintenance on Saturday and Sunday.  CSE-IT Services that were affected included:

  • CS e-mail
  • CSE-IT Home Directories
  • CSE-IT Project Space
  • CSE-IT Databases and Websites
  • Networking

Maintenance has been completed.

Services that are stilll unavailable:

  • CS Samba Drive

Please report any additional issues that persist to

Keller Hall offices and labs

There was a power outage in Keller Hall at about 6 p.m. The power was out for approximately 1 hour, and affected most of the building's offices and labs. The main Data Center power was not affected, but the chillers went out and temperature reached 87 degrees. The chillers are back on now. Most of the offices and labs will be down until Monday. The CSE Labs are up except for 4-254 Keller Hall which will be down until Monday.


The EECS-VPN server experienced complete hardware failure after the scheduled power outage on Monday. CSE-IT is working on a replacement solution and recommends SSH Tunnels until VPN is available again. ETR Friday PM or Saturday. Please contact the Service Desk if additional assistance is needed.

mysql database server

Our mysql server has stopped working a couple of times today. We are actively working to determine the cause and come up with a solution. If you notice any issues please report them right away. At 10pm we will briefly shutdown the servers to apply a patch.

Scheduled Network Outage

On Tuesday, October 4 2016, CSE-IT will be replacing the UPS in three network network closets in Keller Hals. The will result in networking switches to be powered off. Some Keller Hall offices on 4th, 5th and 6th floors will lose their network for about 5 - 15 minutes.

This will begin at 7:00 a.m. and will be finished at 7:15 a.m. If any networking problems still persist, please contact CSE-IT.

Computer Science Email Issues

Due to a compromised CS account sending large amounts of spam, the CS mail server has been added to various blacklists. Email from CS addresses is being sent, however the may be bounced by spam filters who use these blacklists.

If you experience issues sending mail, please use your UMN Gmail account.

CS mail bounces

CS email is currently functioning normally, with the exception of one known blacklist - If you are having bouncing issues when sending to, please use your UMN Gmail account.

We are working on removing from the blacklists as quickly as possible.