Tate Hall Networking

At 9AM today, CSE-IT began receiving reports of issues regarding Linux computers in Tate Hall having network connectivity problems. Our analysis indicates a DHCP server issue, so computers are not receiving IP addresses and are not able to connect to their wired network. The problem is ongoing and we have no current estimated time for a resolution. We will update this notice at 12PM today.

UPDATE 12:00PM: CSE-IT is working together with NTS to resolve this issue. We will keep you updated.

Power Outage

At around 8:20 this morning Keller Hall suffered a power outage. The power came back at around 9:20 but multiple systems are still affected. You may experience networking issues and/or login issues. We are working on getting all services back up and running ASAP. Thank you for your patience.

Earth Sciences webpage error

Around 16:15 on 25 July 2018, there was an error with the esci.umn.edu webpage, resulting in a shibsp::ListenerException error. The error was promptly resolved at 16:30.

If futher disruption is observed, please contact csehelp@umn.edu, and include the error in the correspondence.

Planned Keller Data Center Outage

Most OIT and CSE-IT systems were down for maintenance on Saturday and Sunday.  CSE-IT Services that were affected included:

  • CS e-mail
  • CSE-IT Home Directories
  • CSE-IT Project Space
  • CSE-IT Databases and Websites
  • Networking

Maintenance has been completed.

Services that are stilll unavailable:

  • CS Samba Drive

Please report any additional issues that persist to csehelp@umn.edu