CS&E email server

mail.cs.umn.edu is currently down.  We are working with the vendor to restore service as soon as possible.

This only effects email sent to <user>@cs.umn.edu

The mailserver is back up.  It was a disk problem and we are still working on it, but mail is up.

Planned Keller Data Center Outage

Most OIT and CSE-IT systems were down for maintenance on Saturday and Sunday.  CSE-IT Services that were affected included:

  • CS e-mail
  • CSE-IT Home Directories
  • CSE-IT Project Space
  • CSE-IT Databases and Websites
  • Networking

Maintenance has been completed.

Services that are stilll unavailable:

  • CS Samba Drive

Please report any additional issues that persist to csehelp@umn.edu

DHCP in the DTC

There was an issue with hosts in the DTC receiving DHCP addresses after the maintenance on Wednesday.  The issue has been resolved and these hosts should be able to connect once more.  Please contact cseithelp@umn.edu if connection issues persist.


The EECS-VPN server experienced complete hardware failure after the scheduled power outage on Monday. CSE-IT is working on a replacement solution and recommends SSH Tunnels until VPN is available again. ETR Friday PM or Saturday. Please contact the Service Desk if additional assistance is needed.

Walter Library Power Outage

A unexpected power outage occurred Wednesday night in Walter Library. Some machines will not have networking for the beginning of Thursday morning. CSE-IT is currently working on getting those network connections restored. All printers will be offline.

Emergency Planned Outage

Due to a instability of the General Data Storage Service At 8:50AM today 10/8/2016 OIT Storage engineers will be performing an emergency shutdown of the General Data Storage system. Between 8:50 and 9:20 AM users will be unable to access files and folders stored on certain drives. The maintenance is being performed in order to clear the instability issues. Please contact Technology Help (1-HELP) with any questions or concerns regarding this scheduled maintenance.

Scheduled Network Outage

On Tuesday, October 4 2016, CSE-IT will be replacing the UPS in three network network closets in Keller Hals. The will result in networking switches to be powered off. Some Keller Hall offices on 4th, 5th and 6th floors will lose their network for about 5 - 15 minutes.

This will begin at 7:00 a.m. and will be finished at 7:15 a.m. If any networking problems still persist, please contact CSE-IT.