CSE-IT Contact Info
Keller Hall - Room 1-201
Office Hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Or use the red phone in the labs.

CSE-IT Service Status

CSE-IT Systems status notifications
For University-wide notices view OIT Service Status.

We are aware of the following issues. Contact csehelp@umn.edu for other questions.
Apps To Go - Degradation (service available but has issues)

Apps To Go is not saving files to google drive currently. It looks as if it is saving the files but it is not actually saving the files. We are looking into a workaround and a permanent solution as well. Thank you for your patience. 

Reported on November 7, 2018

Vole/Vole3D - Degradation (service available but has issues)

The VOLE3D issue was a result of high usage. Additional hardware resources will be added to prevent future problems.

Reported on October 30, 2018

Power outage affecting Servers and Networking - Degradation (service available but has issues)

Around 8PM on September 20th, we experienced a power outage, due to the storms in the area that affected all login servers, and several networks that impacted the ability to log into managed machines throughout the college. We are currently actively working on restoring these services.

Update: As of 9:15 AM on Friday, September 21, Netowrking is back up, and Windows logins are working. Our virtual machines are still down, which affects Linux logins & home directories.

Update: As of 10:10 AM on Friday, September 21, our virtual machines that support Linux logins & home directories are back up.

Update: As of 12:45 PM on Friday, September 21, all services have been restored with the exception of Crashplan. 

If you are still experiencing any issues, please contact us at csehelp@umn.edu.

Reported on September 21, 2018

CS mailing lists - Degradation (service available but has issues)

CS mailing lists are currently experiencing issues. Our team is aware of the problem and is working on a solution.

Reported on September 4, 2018

No planned service disruptions are currently in progress.

Computer Science and Engineering accounts Unification and Alignment in progress

Computer Science and Engineering is migrating from local identity management systems to the university’s central identity management system. For more information, see the Computer Science and Engineering Unification and Alignment FAQ.