CSE-IT Contact Info
Keller Hall - Room 1-201
Office Hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Or use the red phone in the labs.

CSE-IT Service Status

CSE-IT Systems status notifications
For University-wide notices view OIT Service Status.

We are aware of the following issues. Contact csehelp@umn.edu for other questions.
CS Samba Shares - Degradation (service available but has issues)

CS Samba shares are currently affected by an ongoing issue with nfs mounts. The issue seems intermittent so you may be able to mount your Samba share and then no longer be able to access it. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. 

Reported on January 23, 2019

Planned maintenance on Monday, March 18th at 2:00pm to Tuesday, March 19th at 10:00am
Services affected (avoid these during the window)

Keller Hall will be without power on Monday, March 18th and into Tuesday the 19th while Facilities Management performs electrical maintenance to the building's power connections. Most services provided by CSE-IT will be unavailable during this time, notably including:

  • All CSE-IT-managed computers, workstations and servers

    • All CSE UNIX logins and home directories

    • All CSE Windows profiles

  • Websites hosted by CSE-IT

  • Keller Hall building networking including wireless and CS VPN

  • Keller-routed locations, including:

    • CSE Labs

    • CSE Shop

  • Computer Science and Engineering database server

  • FastX on CSE workstations and VOLE

  • cs.umn.edu email

Update 1:30 PM: Since 10:00 AM this morning, we have been working to restore all of our systems and perform neccesary firmare updates. Various clusters managed by CSE-IT may be affected. If you are still having issues with CSE-IT Services, please email us at csehelp@umn.edu

Services not affected (common services that users often ask about)
  • School of Physics and Astronomy (degraded service is possible in some cases)

  • University resources (Gmail, MyU, OneStop, UMN VPN)

  • Wireless outside of Keller Hall

  • Drupal Enterprise websites (www.cs.umn.edu public department site)

Resolved service disruptions

The following service disruptions have been recently resolved:
File Server cs-fs-13 Down - Degradation (service available but has issues)

The File server cs-fs-13 was experiencing issues. This has lead to login issues with the CSELab Machines and Vole. The CSE-IT Administrators have rebooted the cs-fs-13 file server. The issue seems to be resolved at this time. If you are still having any issues email us at csehelp@umn.edu

Resolution: One of our file servers providing home directories for 1600 users went down. VOLE,  CSE-IT workstations, and Matlab have been impacted. The file sever was rebooted and is functioning correctly at this time. If you are still having any issues email us at csehelp@umn.edu

Reported on March 14, 2019

Computer Science and Engineering accounts Unification and Alignment in progress

Computer Science and Engineering is migrating from local identity management systems to the university’s central identity management system. For more information, see the Computer Science and Engineering Unification and Alignment FAQ.