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Keller Hall - Room 1-201
Office Hours: M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Or use the red phone in the labs.

CSE-IT Service Status

CSE-IT Systems status notifications
For University-wide notices view OIT Service Status.

We are aware of the following issues. Contact csehelp@umn.edu for other questions.
CS mailing lists - Degradation (service available but has issues)

CS mailing lists are currently experiencing issues. Our team is aware of the problem and is working on a solution.

Reported on September 4, 2018

No planned service disruptions are currently in progress.

Resolved service disruptions

The following service disruptions have been recently resolved:
Mathematica and Matlab Access - Outage (service unavailable)

When attempting to downloading Matlab or Mathematica from the CSE-IT website the user will receive the error: "Unable to determine user access". We are aware of this issue and our web team is currently working on a fix. Thank you for your patience.

Reported on September 14, 2018

Multiple services unavailable - Degradation (service available but has issues)

A networked storage outage in OIT's hosting infrastructure has affected multiple CSE services, including web, printing, and other user-facing services. Symptoms include network timeouts and inability to log in to machines.

OIT is working on the issue and we do not have an ETR (estimated time to repair) at this time. We will update this notice when we know more. Thanks for your patience.

Reported on September 12, 2018

CS Unix Printing - Degradation (service available but has issues)

One of our CS Unix print servers is experiencing slow responsiveness and intermittent downtime. Our system administrators are aware of the issue and the current plan is to upgrade the server early this week. We apologize for any inconvinience this may cause. 

Reported on September 10, 2018

CSE-IT Major Incident In Progress: Home directory storage, Fri 29-Jun-2018 - Degradation (service available but has issues)

At approximately 5:45PM on June 19th, CSE-IT began receiving reports of issues regarding its home directory storage servers. Symptoms include logging in to a UNIX system and having only a desktop picture and terminal window available, with no menu bar or launcher. Our analysis indicates a repeating and intermittent bug in our storage servers software is periodically causing the server to not respond to requests, requiring a reboot. This also occurred several times last week, and while our servers were restarted this weekend during the maintenance window, the behavior has returned.

We have rebooted the server on which the issue was occurring today. If you encounter the issue described, please email csehelp@umn.edu and include the hostname of the computer on which you were attempting to log in. This will help our system administrators seek a permanent fix for the bug.

While there no known storage server issues at this time (1:45PM Wed 20-Jun), we do not have the ability yet to predict the malfunction or remedy it permanently.

We will update this notice as necessary to reflect current storage server status.

Log: ~9:15AM, Wed Jun 27th — server issues returned for (at least) one storage server. Server was restarted to clear the problem.

Log: ~1:30PM, Thurs Jun 28th — server issues returned for (at least) one storage server. Server issue was cleared by ~1:45PM.

Log: ~8:45AM, Fri Jun 29th — server issues returned for (at least) one storage server. Server issue was cleared by ~10:00AM.

Log: ~12:06PM, Mon Aug 20th - server issues returned for (at least) one storage server. Server issue was cleared by ~12:28PM.

Reported on June 20, 2018

Computer Science and Engineering accounts Unification and Alignment in progress

Computer Science and Engineering is migrating from local identity management systems to the university’s central identity management system. For more information, see the Computer Science and Engineering Unification and Alignment FAQ.